Know the Significance Of Kiss Day


Valentines week is celebrated worldwide from Feb 7th to 14th. Every couple will enjoy this week and express their love, affection to each other. Feb 13th is generally celebrated as the Kiss day. Kissing has many health benefits as per scientific research. There are different types of kisses based on culture and context. Kiss is a symbol of respect and love. A kiss is the best way to express your feelings which words cannot explain. A tender kiss will take you to the ride of the magical world of innocence. The moment will be cherished and memorable.

Kissing was first noticed between the mother and child. Every dance competition in France ended with the kiss. Russia was the first country to introduce kiss as a token of promise in the marriage. Romans used the kiss to greet each other. Knowing the importance of kiss, kiss day was introduced in the valentine’s week to enhance the importance of it.   

You can use this occasion of kiss day to make your love life more romantic.Choosing the appropriate type of kiss will make your day special.The science has proved that kissing will reduce your stress and makes you feel relaxed.

Benefits of kissing:

Kissing will help to reduce the blood pressure by dilating the blood vessels.

Kissing will help you to get rid of cramps and headache.

Kissing will make you feel happy by releasing happy hormones like oxytocin, dopamine, and serotonin.It helps you to have strong bonding with your soulmate.

It will help you to burn the calories based on the intensity of the kiss with your partner.

Kiss will help you to tone your skin.

Kissing will reduce the cavities in teeth. The saliva is produced more during kissing which will help to reduce the cavities.

It increases your self-esteem

It increases the immunity.

Kiss will help the heart to pump the blood fast

It will reduce the bad cholesterol.

Women usually decide their relationship type based on the intensity of kiss between them. If you cannot meet your soulmate on the kiss day to celebrate together, send a beautiful emotional message with kissing emoji. You can also send the gifts and flowers which will be delivered at the right time to a place where your soulmate stays. If you want to enhance your soulmate happiness then you can send a kiss as a gift.

The girlfriends can gift their boyfriends a greeting with a lip mark(kiss) on it. It will surely astonish your partner. You can make the day more special by booking a romantic place to date with your partner. Spend the precious time with your loved ones. If you are an intense kisser then you can also give a try to the kiss competitions held on the kiss day celebrations across different part of the world.

If you want to have a successful romantic life with your soulmate enjoy the kiss day celebrations. Being happy never goes out of style. Kiss is the best way to determine the interest of your partner in you. Plan a romantic date and shower the kisses to your soulmate on the kiss day.  


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